What to EAT

So often times we focus on “what not to eat or what we should avoid,” so today lets focus on what we should be eating!

REAL PRIMAL-INSPIRED PALEOLITHIC food  paleo_food_pyramid_Irey

The less processed and the more pure in nature the better! Here’s my top categories to focus on:

  1. Meat and Poultry: Grass-fed beef, lamb, bison, organic free-range pastured chicken and turkey
  2. Eggs: Organic free-range and preferably pastured is your best choice
  3. Fish: Wild caught fish (choose wild over farm-raised) such as Alaskan Salmon, Haddock, Mahi, Snapper
  4. Healthy Fats and Oils: Yes that’s right, eat the healthy fats! Coconut oil, cold-pressed olive oil, grass-fed raw butter, cod liver oil. Nuts and Seed varieties such as almonds, pecans, walnuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, organic raw nut butters and seed butters. Utilize nut and seed flours instead of processed white flour; healthy nut flour options include almond flour, coconut flour, cashew flour.
  5. Vegetables: dark leafy greens like kale and spinach, Brussel sprouts, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, and many more,,,, just be sure to follow the guidelines from the Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen for choosing organic vs conventional produce.
  6. Fruits: Berries, apples, grapefruit, avocado, lemons, and limes… just be sure to follow the guidelines from the Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen for choosing organic vs conventional produce.
  7. Dairy: If you can tolerate dairy, be sure to choose the safest dairy selection possible. The best available is Raw, grass-fed, pastured dairy, this can be found in raw butter, raw milk and raw cream, raw cheese, and cultured yogurt and kefir. Check out this link to source raw dairy in your area: Find Real Milk  If dairy does not work for you, try choosing Organic Unsweetened Almond or Coconut milk.


~When you focus on these food categories and begin choosing real organic foods, it’s hard not to notice daily improvements in your life. Some of the commonly seen changes include improved sleep, better energy, increased endurance, skin improvements, weight loss, digestion improvements, and decreased blood pressure. If you are struggling with how to incorporate this into your life, reach out to TMIHEALTH and we can get you started. We now offer Virtual consultation programs in addition to our South FL location!

About the author

cnp4you@gmail.com Tracy is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian in the South Florida area. She is the lead consultant and President of tmihealth. Tracy works with clients in her Wellington office and nation-wide via phone and skype consultation options with programs specializing in Nutrition and Detoxification. You can also find her on Facebook and Google+

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