Men’s Health

Some men find it difficult to admit there’s a malfunction or problem going on in their bodies, yet it is becoming more widespread that men are experiencing many health concerns from loss of energy and depression, to weight loss resistance, to loss of libido and sexual dysfunction. In depth evaluation of males shows an increase in progressive age-related changes including: Digestive Disorders (constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, abdominal pain and bloating), Depression, Brain Fog and Short-term Memory Loss, Decreased Muscle Mass and Strength, Increased Abdominal Fat, Loss of Hearing, Sleep Disturbances, Hair Loss, Low Sex Drive, and many more. A collection of these symptoms is currently being termed “Andropause”, also known as “Male Menopause”, and is being seen in more men at earlier ages. Andropause is characterized by a loss of testosterone — the hormone that makes men “men”. Most men see testosterone levels drop as they age, but the extremely low levels of testosterone impacting men today is alarming! Apart from the impact that andropause may have on your quality of life, there are other long-term and silent effects of andropause including increased cardiovascular, osteoporosis, and cancer risk.

Now that we have YOUR attention…What are you going to do about it? Getting Older is a natural process, however Feeling Old is optional! You can choose to achieve success in all aspects of your life by going after the root cause of these symptoms, hormone imbalances, and deficiencies you are experiencing by looking beneath the surface. We offer cutting-edge testing which keeps us from guessing, and allows us to tackle your root cause!