Our standard American exercise regimen using long duration exercise can potentially stimulate appetite, increase fat storing, is catabolic (breaks down muscle), and can raise stress hormones (cortisol) slowing down exercise recovery. A decrease in immune function, testosterone and HGH (human growth hormone) is frequently seen as well.

The Good News – the “New Aerobics” program we utilize involves increased intensity and takes less time! The powerful effects of this high intensity, short-duration plan increases fat burning and muscle building response. It increases the release of HGH which utilizes more fat, increases beta-endorphin levels, and increases growth of muscle fibers to help slow down the muscle wasting we typically see with aging.

A key measurement to a proper fitness regimen and good health is the assessment of a full body composition analysis. When beginning a lifestyle program, it is critical to complete a full analysis and utilize the results to set attainable goals for yourself. At tmihealth we utilize a digital body analyzer measuring key aspects including Body Mass Index (BMI), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Body Fat %, Fat Free Mass (FFM) and Muscle Mass. The ratio of these important indexes in your body can mean a life of optimum health or one with increased risk for many of our 21st century diseases we are seeing today! Regardless of who you are and your fitness level, if you want to perform, feel, and look your best, our fitness regimen is the perfect tool for you!