Children’s Wellness

If you have a child with a serious health concern or disease, you already know the magnitude of the epidemic we as parents are facing.

The question remains…

Why are so many of our children sick, overweight, and not developing properly? Why now and not before? These are the questions we seek to answer with you. America’s obesity, Autism, and ADD/ADHD epidemic is a devastating health crisis, and it is affecting more and more of our children at earlier ages. Childhood obesity is reaching epidemic proportions. In the latest studies we see that nearly 20 percent of preschoolers are at a dangerously high weight. The health repercussions of carrying around all those extra pounds are anything but cute as it dramatically increases their risk of developing Type II Diabetes. Obese children are also at increased risk for heart and liver disease, high blood pressure, and joint problems from extra weight.
The alarming rate of Autism and ADD/ADHD diagnosed children in America is certainly getting great media attention, but are you being given the truth and the answers you need to help your loved ones recover from these conditions or symptoms?
Did you know the main preventive measure we have against disease is proper nutrition! Healthy nutrition can mean a life full of proper growth, development, increased learning capabilities, and joy!
Did you know that today’s chemical world of pesticides, excitotoxins, heavy metals, and biotoxins are wrecking havoc on our kid’s developing bodies?! By feeding our children foods containing harmful and toxic ingredients that lack nutritional quality, we are robbing their bodies of life leading to pain and disease.
Our program works to address underlying root causes of disease, malnutrition, obesity, and behavioral issues through functional testing and system analysis while promoting natural health from the inside out. No matter where you are on your parenting journey, you can benefit from the knowledge, support, and resources that tmihealth has to help you HELP your children live better, healthier lives!