20 Habits That Make You Fat

I found an excellent read today by David Zinczenko called “20 Habits That Make You Fat!” I love the simplicity of how he listed each of these items and the detailed explanation. I was impressed that his first item on the list was the habit of “eating low-fat”. It still rattles me that so many consumers and the media are still pushing low fat diets. Over the past 15 years, since low fat diets became all the craze, our country has grown in heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and many more chronic diseases and symptoms. That would be with our society on a low fat diet. Really? Ask yourself what a low fat diet has done for you lately?! The truth is we need fat, we need the good, natural healthy fats to burn fat properly and to prevent disease. I hope you find this article useful as David really hits the mark!

Please read on… and if you are making any of these “habit” choices, work hard to make the changes, even if only one change a day. You CAN take control of your health and get your life back!

20 Habits That Make You Fat

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